Village Coin Laundry


Village Coin Laundry is your full service neighborhood Laundromat. We are capable of handling laundry from small individual loads to large items, such as 12 X 12 area rugs, boat covers, tents, sleeping bags, and even a twin mattress. We provide a bright clean atmosphere with all the amenities found in the South Lake Village Mall.

Don’t miss our Wednesday Special:
$0.50 off most Washers and Dryers.

Services and Amenities:
Self Service Laundry
Two Change Machines
Card Machines (for 130 lb washer)
Soap Dispenser

Our Washers and Dryers:
Number of Washers 30
Number of Dryers 26
Largest Washer Size 120 lbs
Largest Dryer Size 75 lbs

We Also Provide:
Dedicated Parking In Front of the Laundromat
Air-Conditioned Facility
Family-Sized Washers
Large Capacity Washers
High Efficiency Dryers
Brand Name Selection of Supplies
Snacks and Soda
Cable T.V. and Comfortable Seating
Bright and Clean (Cleaned Daily)
Restrooms Available in South Lake Village Mall

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Fitness Center
Hair and Nail Salon
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